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Djemaa El-Fna, the preferred Tourist historic city

Djemaa-El-Fna square, an area where the heart of Marrakech red city beat, which is one of the historic town which is 400 km from the capital Rabat or less 4 hours road trip. This place is one of the destinations that become the target of foreign tourists, especially from Europe. It is proven by the increase of foreign tourists who continue to flock to this place every year.

Koutoubia Mosque
Before entering this area, it looks from the side of the highway a tower with a height of 77 metres. Koutoubia mosque tower was built in 1190 and became an icon of the city of Marrakech. On the other hand it has also become the pride of the local people who have nicknamed her the Eiffel Tower-the city of Marrakech.
A magnificent Tower and master ceiling Old Madina is a combination of brick, cement and stone. The mosque is also surrounded by an extensive garden and beautiful. By maghrib this place always populated mostly by tourists and local citizens while waiting for maghrib Athan echoed. A fantastic landscape that makes your heart berdecak amazed look when sunset and dusk started being replaced by night.

Uniquely again turned out to be the naming of the Koutoubia mosque commenced from the time of the building of the mosque. That the location of this mosque became the site of the earlier books that are available in the Arabic language was "Koutoub" (French spelling) are offering new and used books.
Then after the magnificent stand complete with a garden and a spacious parkirnya, the pride of the citizens of the Marrakech Koutoubia mosque is named. At night, the Tower of the Koutoubia mosque is becoming a very interesting because of the spectacular colorful light.

The Scent Of The Night Market
Dusk is a good time to enter the vast area that is filled with a wide variety of entertainment and the sellers of food typical of Morocco. Set foot into this place the first time the smell was the scent of a typical cuisine.
The fragrance of herbs, the aroma of grilled meat, grilled fish and other dishes tasted very pungent and hard to avoid. Every lapaknya also provides different types of cuisine. Ranging from appetizers like salad, spicy flavor with a snail's pace. The next major food such as roast lamb spice seasoning, sandwich with big portions. Do not miss the other dishes like tagine, kharirah, cous-cous, dajaj kamil and rubu dajaj '.
Not always the food, you'll easily find a wide variety of refreshing beverages such as orange and banan which can be directly made juice with a very refreshing taste. You can also go to the kiosk sellers of dates with a wide range of options that might be your friend while circling the area.

Night Charm
The night before, the atmosphere turned into excitement and hubbub. With the beauty of the light rays that emanated from this place as well as a variety of attractions that are displayed by the local musicians are ready to accompany you on your journey.

The street musician also does not want to miss, with typical Morocco dressed they sing while mumbling tone-tone music typical of Morocco. In addition, there are traditional dancers perform to entertain the visitors, the attraction of snakes, Henna artists, acrobats Morocco almost certainly will be close to anyone, especially a foreigner visiting the Djemaa El-Fna square, until the full monkey doger surrounded visitors.

This makes the Djemaa El-Fna square has a powerful magical aura. Not only music appearance and attractions, the storyteller also enliven the wonderful night at Djemaa El-Fna by practicing a story about heroes of Islam.
In its action the storytellers usually open the stall a little bit. Trust me, you will not feel a clockwise rotating led to the middle of the night. There is no evening without fanfare, excitement and entertainment that is shown by nearly everyone who was there. At night it looks like will not end when you're in the Djemaa El-Fna.

Traditional Market

Still in the Djemaaa El Fna square, although it's not much different from most traditional markets in the cities of Morocco, it's good to not miss a visit to the traditional markets of Marrakech.
There visitors can buy almost anything, from spices, sandals and leather shoes, fabrics and Morocco jellaba (a typical outfit Morocco with connection head) and others.
But foreign tourists should be prepared to pay a price higher than the original price even though there is still a chance to bid. For visitors unable to speak Arabic goes without worry, because there are also a lot of the sellers who are good at speaking in United Kingdom.
You can also ask for help to students in Indonesia who was in the area to accompany your journey. In this area you have to remain cautious although Marrakech has a low crime rate. Make sure your valuables are kept in a safe place and enjoy the charm of the night market JamaĆ¢ El Fna square which is never dark and hubbub of the crowd.

(Kusnadi El-Ghezwa, Coordinator of the Department of Information Media and the Standing Committee Coordinator Morocco PPI Ta'lif wa Nasyr PCINU Morocco)

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